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  • We use solutions from trusted suppliers
  • We share the experience of reliable partners
  • We provide solutions used by the world's largest manufacturers
  • We provide the opportunity for free testing
  • We offer the highest product qualityw
  • We provide full support during testing, start-up and operation

Areas of activity

Food industry

Food industry

Equipment and machinery for milk processing plants, confectionery plants, milling plants, fruit and vegetable processing plants, bakeries, sugar factories, oil manufacturing plants and beverage (including alcoholic) manufacturing plants.

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Equipment and machinery for manufacturing and processing chemical powders and liquids. For manufacturers of paints, varnishes, industrial adhesives, fertilizers, plastics, artificial and synthetic fibres.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Equipment for drug and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. For manufacturers of pharmaceutical powders and additives, cosmetics, shampoos and creams, for whom the highest safety standards are a priority.

Other industries

Other industries

Equipment and machinery for recycling, paper, wood and textile industries. Removal of contaminants from water and other liquids. Recovery of manufacturing waste.

Our partners

Russell Finex – vibrating screens Admix – high speed mixers S+S Sesotec – metal detectors CinchSeal – shaft seals MoistTech – moisture sensors Piab – vacuum conveying of powders MoistTech – moisture sensors
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Contact us

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